Taubman Approach, piano lessons in Sydney
Therese Milanovic teaches the Taubman Approach in Sydney October 18 2015

Decades ago, Dorothy Taubman investigated and analysed what underlies virtuoso piano playing. The result of that investigation has produced a body of knowledge that can lead to an effortless and brilliant technique. It can also prevent and cure fatigue, pain and other playing-related injuries.


The Taubman Approach is a groundbreaking analysis of the mostly invisible motions that function underneath a virtuoso technique. The resulting knowledge makes it possible to help pianists overcome technical limitations as well as cure playing-related injuries. It is also the way that tone production and other components of expressive playing can be understood and taught. 


Lessons in the Taubman Approach are available in Sydney or via Skype. Click here to contact Anthony for more information.





Dr. Therese Milanovic (Associate Faculty, Golandsky Institute, USA) will be in Sydney on 18th October to give lessons in the Taubman Approach to piano.

Dr. Milanovic studied the Taubman Approach with Edna Golandsky and John Bloomfield and is in demand as a speaker, for masterclasses and as a performer. You can read more about Therese Milanovic by clicking here.


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